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The legal team at Dui-Pro.com has decades of combined experience navigating the finer points of DUI and DWI law in the Twin Falls area and surrounding jurisdictions.

Twin Falls Idaho Residents: A DUI Conviction Could Cost You Thousands
Twin Falls Idaho Residents: Avoid Jail Time and Thousands in Fines with Expert DUI Defense.

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We have the experience and expertise to facilitate the most positive outcomes in DUI and DWI cases, taking all the related factors into account when establishing your level of innocence.

Twin Falls Idaho Residents: Accused of a DUI?

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No two DUI cases are the same, and we can develop an individualized strategy for offering you more options when working to resolve your legal issues stemming from a suspected drunk driving incident.

Maintain your freedom with the most competent DUI defense.

Twin Falls Idaho residents: Our team has a successful defense rate of over 90 percent.

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We have overseen thousands of successful DUI defenses using our extensive knowledge of local traffic laws and procedural guidelines for law enforcement.

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Our experienced legal professionals will work directly with you to uncover any factors in the case that can establish your lack of culpability, including timeframe establishment and procedural evaluation.

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Twin Falls Idaho Residents: You Don't Have To Deal with a Serious DUI Conviction!

An experienced DUI attorney can be a valuable ally in minimizing the damage to your wallet, your legal record and your reputation. A DUI lawyer can identify improper police procedures such as questionable circumstances of the original stop and irregularities in administration of field sobriety tests. Our team can discuss the events of the case directly with you to build a fair and balanced picture of the events.

  • Some of our clients are arrested at DUI checkpoints, and the law typically has very stringent guidelines defining their proper use. A Dui-Pro.com attorney can examine the details of your arrest at a sobriety checkpoint to spot any irregularities, and if necessary our team can retain a chemical testing expert to invalidate the results of your breath or blood test.

  • While most DUI and DWI incidents are typically termed “misdemeanors,” the effect they can have is anything but minor. First time offenders can face heavy fines as well as up to 6 months in jail depending on the surrounding circumstances, and many drivers have their licenses suspended for nearly a year. Our lawyers can stand with you to give you more options for moving on with your life. Call today.

Twin Falls Idaho The Benefits of Expert DUI Defense

residents: Our team has a successful defense rate of over 90 percent.

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Information for Twin Falls, Idaho

Twin Falls, city, seat (1907) of Twin Falls county, south-central Idaho, U.S. Located near Twin Falls (65 feet [20 metres] high), Shoshone Falls (212 feet [65 metres]), and Auger Falls (140 feet [43 metres]) of the Snake River, the city isadjacentto a spectacular canyon that bisects the broad, arid river plains. Thecommunity , established in 1904, grew up almost overnight with the coming of irrigation and a Union Pacific branch railway. It was long primarily an agriculture, trading, and supply centre, with some industrial development, including plastics, hosiery, and farm-machinery manufacturing. During World War II, a relocation camp for Japanese Americans was established on the plain north of Twin Falls; at its height it held more than 10, 000 internees. In the 1990s the city's growth was spurred in part by high-tech industry. The (junior) College of Southern Idaho (1964) is located in Twin Falls, as is the headquarters of the Minidoka Division of the Sawtooth National Forest. Inc. village, 1905; city, 1907. Pop. (2000) 34, 469; (2010) 44, 125.

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Twin Falls - Let us work with you to build an effective defense for a DUI or DWI case. Articles

Q: What is 'blood alcohol level'?

A: Blood alcohol level (BAC) is a term used to describe the level of alcohol in the bloodstream of a person arrested for drunk driving. It is used in court as evidence of that offense. The most common method of determining BAC is through a breath test, although blood and urine testing is done in some instances. If the level is found to be at or over .10, or .08 in some states, the test results can establish a presumption of impairment.

Q: What if I lose my license but continue to drive?

A: If a person whose license has been revoked or suspended due to drunk driving chooses to drive without a valid license and is pulled over, he or she stands to suffer more serious consequences, including fines and imprisonment. The more prudent course of action is to rely on friends and family for rides or use public transportation.

Q: What is the punishment for drunk driving?

A: Drunk driving carries serious penalties. Although the court may go easier on first-time offenders, even in first-offense cases the possible sentences include stiff fines and jail time. If the circumstances warrant it, however, the court may choose less restrictive options, including probation, community service, or alcohol awareness or abuse counseling.. For subsequent offenses, the likelihood of imprisonment increases, and in all cases, the loss of driving privileges-at least temporarily-is almost guaranteed.

Q: How can I get to work if I can't drive?

A: Many drunken driving offenders are forced to rely on public transportation or rides from friends and family for transportation to and from work during periods of license suspension or revocation. In some cases, offenders may be granted a 'hardship license,' allowing them to drive just to and from work. However, if an offender is caught driving outside of those strict limitations, further penalties will be imposed.

Q: What is the best way to beat a drunk driving charge?

A: The best way to avoid being convicted of drunk driving is to not drink and drive. Use a designated driver, call a taxi, call a friend, or don't drink alcohol if you are going to need to drive within a few hours. For some people, even one drink can impair their driving abilities. Remember, after having a few drinks is not the time to decide whether you are capable of driving. However, if you have been charged with driving under the influence, an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer can work to improve the outcome of your case.
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Old DUI convictions? We can help. residents: Our team has a successful defense rate of over 90 percent.


Residents: You Need Expert DUI Defense Right Now Residents: Don't Live With the Effects of a DUI Conviction


Thousands of Residents have trusted their freedom to us in DUI cases. Residents: A DUI conviction could mean years in jail. Let us help.


Comprehensive DUI defense services starting at a single affordable rate. Residents: Let us give you the DUI Defense answers you need when your future is at stake.


Personalized DUI Defenses built on the most relevant case law. CDL Drivers: Your certification is at risk after a DUI Arrest!


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