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The legal team at has decades of combined experience navigating the finer points of DUI and DWI law in the Blackfoot area and surrounding jurisdictions.

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We have the experience and expertise to facilitate the most positive outcomes in DUI and DWI cases, taking all the related factors into account when establishing your level of innocence.

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No two DUI cases are the same, and we can develop an individualized strategy for offering you more options when working to resolve your legal issues stemming from a suspected drunk driving incident.

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We have overseen thousands of successful DUI defenses using our extensive knowledge of local traffic laws and procedural guidelines for law enforcement.

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Our experienced legal professionals will work directly with you to uncover any factors in the case that can establish your lack of culpability, including timeframe establishment and procedural evaluation.

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An experienced DUI attorney can be a valuable ally in minimizing the damage to your wallet, your legal record and your reputation. A DUI lawyer can identify improper police procedures such as questionable circumstances of the original stop and irregularities in administration of field sobriety tests. Our team can discuss the events of the case directly with you to build a fair and balanced picture of the events.

  • Some of our clients are arrested at DUI checkpoints, and the law typically has very stringent guidelines defining their proper use. A attorney can examine the details of your arrest at a sobriety checkpoint to spot any irregularities, and if necessary our team can retain a chemical testing expert to invalidate the results of your breath or blood test.

  • While most DUI and DWI incidents are typically termed “misdemeanors,” the effect they can have is anything but minor. First time offenders can face heavy fines as well as up to 6 months in jail depending on the surrounding circumstances, and many drivers have their licenses suspended for nearly a year. Our lawyers can stand with you to give you more options for moving on with your life. Call today.

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Information for Blackfoot, Idaho

Blackfoot, city, seat (1885) of Bingham county, southeastern Idaho, U.S., near theconfluenceof the Snake and Blackfoot rivers. Founded on the Utah Northern Railroad in 1878 at the northern edge of Fort Hall Indian Reservation (1869), the city evolved as the centre of an irrigated agricultural (chiefly potato-growing) area. Development was stimulated by the establishment in 1949 of the National Reactor Testing Station (now Idaho National Engineering Laboratory), 32 miles (51 km) to the northwest. Nearby is the site of the original Fort Hall trading post built in 1834 by Boston merchant Nathaniel Wyeth and operated from 1838 to 1856 by the Hudson's Bay Company. Inc. 1907. Pop. (2000) 10, 419; (2010) 11, 899.

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Blackfoot - Let Us Represent You in Your DUI Case. Articles

What is DUI?

DUI, or driving under the influence, is defined as operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher, or while under the influence of legal or illegal drugs that impair your driving ability.

Who can be stopped for DUI?

Anyone can be arrested for DUI, regardless of the original reason that the police officer stopped the car. In general, a police officer has to have probable cause to stop a vehicle, meaning the officer must identify a traffic violation, vehicle equipment safety violation, or pattern of suspicious driving in order to stop the car. The exception is DUI checkpoints, where all motorists may be stopped and assessed for DUI without probable cause.

What factors are considered possible indications of DUI?

In addition to suspicious driving patterns, a smell of alcohol, slurred speech, red, bloodshot, or watery eyes, difficulty understanding questions, fumbling with your license and registration, and the presence of any alcohol containers, drugs, or drug paraphernalia are all factors that will make a police officer suspect you of DUI.

What should I do if I'm stopped for DUI?

Be polite and courteous to the police, but know that the law protects you from incriminating yourself. So if the police officer asks whether you've been drinking, you don't have to admit it. You don't want to lie either�your best bet is to say you want to speak to an attorney before answering any questions.

Do I have to take a field sobriety test?

No, there is no legal penalty for refusing to take a field sobriety test. You should definitely not take the test if you think you might fail, as this would only serve to create more evidence against you.

Do I have to take a PAS test?

No, you do not have to take a PAS (handheld breathalyzer) test unless you are under 21 or on probation for a previous DUI. However, if you refuse the test you can still be arrested and taken to the police station, where you will have to take a blood or breath test.

Are there penalties for avoiding a DUI checkpoint?

The act of avoiding a DUI checkpoint alone is not considered grounds for a police officer to stop you. However, if you display impaired driving patterns or commit a traffic violation in the process of avoiding the checkpoint, you can be stopped and assessed for DUI.

Can the police officer take my license?

State law in California gives police the authority to take your driver's license and issue you a notice of suspension if you fail a chemical test. Many people find this surprising because in effect a penalty is being assessed before you are proven guilty in court.

Do I automatically get a DMV hearing regarding my license suspension?

No. If you do not contact the DMV within 10 days of your DUI arrest, you will forfeit your right to a hearing and you will lose the opportunity to have your suspended license reinstated. It is highly recommended that you contact a DUI defense attorney in southern California to assist you with the process of requesting your DMV hearing and to represent you during this hearing.
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The Premier DUI Defense Team. Stay on the streets of with experienced DUI Defense services.


Your First Step After a DUI Arrest? Call Us. Accused of a DUI or DWI? Read this first.


Residents: We Can Have Your DUI Charges Dropped Residents: Avoid Jail Time and Thousands in Fines with Expert DUI Defense.


Our chemical analysis team can identify mishandled sobriety tests to invalidate DUI charges. Our knowledge of DUI case law relevant to makes us the best local option.


We can help establish your innocence in a suspected DUI. DUI Defense Services for Hardworking Residents.


DUI and DWI Legal Resources Residents: Prior DUI Arrests? We can still offer answers.


Was Your Checkpoint Stop Illegal Under Law? We offer multiple payment plans on our DUI Defense services.


Many Sobriety Checkpoints Are Run Illegally! Clearing your record after a DUI arrest could be easy.


Residents: Don't let a DUI arrest land you behind bars! The Real Value of Expert DUI Defense.


Residents: We can safeguard your future with expert legal defense! What Are My Options After a DUI Arrest?


What Are My Options After a DUI Arrest? Residents: Can You Afford a DUI Conviction?


We can establish irregularities in procedure to invalidate your DUI Case. DUI and DWI Legal Resources


A DUI or DWI conviction could skyrocket insurance rates for Drivers! Experienced DUI attorneys.


Our DUI Defense Services are Priced for Drivers A Brighter Future for Drivers with Expert DUI Defense.


Capable And Confident: DUI Defense Residents: A DUI Conviction Could Cost You Thousands


Residents: Let us save you time and money with high caliber DUI Defense services. We can develop an individualized DUI defense for you with our deep knowledge of laws.


Don't let a DUI arrest turn into a conviction! Suspected of DUI? Call today.


The Best DUI Defense at Accessible Rates Residents: A DUI conviction could mean years in jail. Let us help.


Experienced DUI attorneys. Have you been arrested for DUI? Call now.


Accused of a DUI or DWI? Read this first. The majority of our DUI cases are dismissed before trial.


Residents: Can You Afford Months or Years Without a License? We Can Identify Illegal DUI Checkpoints!


Residents: Let us give you the DUI Defense answers you need when your future is at stake. We are the most trusted DUI Defense resource.


Thousands of Residents have trusted their freedom to us in DUI cases. Expert DUI Defense services


Comprehensive DUI defense services starting at a single affordable rate. The Effects of DUI Conviction


Personalized DUI Defenses built on the most relevant case law. Residents: You Need Expert DUI Defense Right Now


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